Touch of Modern boosts profits with Shipped Shield

Touch of Modern wanted to offset the costs of damaged, lost and stolen products. After an extensive search, they chose Shipped Shield by Invisible Commerce. Here’s how it transformed their profitability.

4X Faster Go-Live

Only 2 weeks for a custom checkout integration with dedicated dev support.

82% Opt-In Rate

6 out of 7 customers choose to buy Shield

$376K Profit Boost

Shipped Shield uplifts annual profits by 13% for a $100m+ revenue brand

Unique Products, Common Problems

"Despite our best efforts, damage or loss during delivery is still one of our top 3 drivers of refunds, cancellations and customer dissatisfaction."
Simon Bascombe
Senior Director of Operations, Touch of Modern

Touch of Modern is the leading e-commerce app for men to discover cutting edge products, with more than 250 new items added daily driving $100m+ in annual sales. 

Damage or loss during delivery is a top reason for refunds and cancellations.

Fast Solutions, Immediate Impact

Enter Shipped Shield: seamless package protection for customers. In two weeks it was integrated into the Touch of Modern checkout flow — for web, mobile, iOS, and Android — thanks to Invisible Commerce’s dedicated dev team and results were rolling in.


Instant integration with Shopify,
BigCommerce & More


Android & iOS SDKs ready to go
for easy app integration


Customers receive seamless coverage
for as little as $0.97


3.2x faster support resolution time with
99% customer satisfaction rate

Thanks to Shipped Shield’s low cost and seamless integration, customers saw the value of shipping protection immediately.

82% of customers opt-in and Shipped Shield boasts a 99% customer satisfaction rate compared to Touch of Modern’s previous CSAT of 83% for tickets related to damaged, stolen or mis-delivered orders.

An Instant 6-Figure Boost to the Bottom Line

Shipped Shield was fast to implement, added profit with no additional cost, and helps us take care of our Touch of Modern members.

The impact to Touch of Modern’s bottom line was even better. Net profit increased $376k, a 13% uplift. This small change that took just 2 weeks had the equivalent impact of an extra $8.9 million in sales. For a minimal effort and zero risk, Shipped Shield was an unparalleled success.

Annual profit added


$0 cost to Touch of Modern

"It's one of the easiest business decisions we've ever made."
Simon Bascombe
Senior Director of Operations, Touch of Modern

About Shipped Suite

Shipped Suite is the world’s first complete post-ship solution. With seamless package protection, order tracking, returns and liquidation, Shipped Suite shrinks your stress and expands your margins.

Your full service reverse commerce partner that moves your business forward.